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Custom Installed Home Theaters and Smart Home Integration! Residential - Commercial - Marine

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State of the Art Electronics

Let's fast forward into the future of sound and technology. Taking clients down a stylish path to sound that hears and looks good in your place of choice. From home theaters to outdoor patios. We also want you to feel safe with the best surveillance on the market whether your home or away on vacation.

The key is ease of operation. We provide hand held remote controls, wall mounted keypads or Smart devices. All with a one touch approach to start the show.
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TV & Surround Sound

Engage yourself in sound! Enjoy the feeling of being in the moment of any Movie or TV show. Just a flip of a switch will blow away your family and friends. They will be begging to come watch the next big game or the newest movie at your place. Have snacks prepared at all times and get ready to entertain.

We are absolute Audio enthusiasts, and we stride to achieve the best possible sound quality in every situation. We also provide ISF approved Video Calibration, brightness.color, contrast etc. Can be very difficult to arrive to the best picture. In most cases TV are left in factory mode, which will reduce the life of your TV. You will be most surprised of the picture improvements to your existing TV!
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Marine Audio Video Electronics

In love with your new home system? Let's install the same one on your yacht. Have the best quality of technology everywhere you go. Listen to the ocean or completely tune it out, almost feeling like your still at home. We cover all bases at sea too, sound, technology, media, surveillance, and much much more.

We have artisans on stall that can modify your existing cabinetry. Even if the original TV was 4:3 aspect ratio (squared)

What Client’s Say

WOW! I am ecstatic with my new home system! Not only does my place sound amazing whether I have music on or just the television, but I feel safe with the surveillance in my home as well. I never would of imagined being able to control everything at the touch of my fingers with my smart phone or tablet. Media Integration really hooked me up in style!

Jayne Weisburger

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